Time to step out of the Shadows

I stand in the shadows in silence, as I watch the years roll by. None see the pain I carry, nor the tears I quietly cry; for the years I lost to mental health, not knowing who to be. For the friends I lost to mental health; I’ll no more get to see.
How many of you know that life? How many of you live on the dark side of the moon; hiding your mental health situation lest you be judged by those around you? Do you carry feelings of shame and guilt for something you feel you have little or no control over? Do you sometimes feel you want to burst with sheer frustration, to cry out, but feel you are just a voice in the wilderness….

Is no one listening? What’s the point of it all?

The team here at WOVEN have all experienced this life until we realised that our ‘condition’ was defining us. We were holding ourselves back. What I think we can all agree this is not a positive outlook at all. We decided to evaluate what exactly was holding us back in life and decided it was mainly due to the negative, preconditioned ideas and attitudes towards mental health. Not only by those who don’t understand it but also by those of us who have any given, labelled condition. We, therefore, are unwittingly a party to the never-ending cycle of feeling bad about ourselves.

So, what we have decided to do is to come out of the shadows and celebrate who we are

To NOT allow our ‘condition’ to define us, but rather to accept it is a part of us; learn to live with it, but not let it be WHO we are. To stop apologising for being wired a little differently than others. We have so much to offer; so much to give. Having lived on the dark side of the moon, it is WE who are the EXPERTS and it’s time to stand up and claim that place in society. We can still be successful, in spite of this person-centred condition. It’s our time to hold our heads high and be proud that we continue to overcome so much.

The old ‘norms’ of understanding belong in the last century

There are new, exciting and innovative ways to MANAGE our condition. Of course, this will involve making changes, even within ourselves and our own preprogrammed beliefs on the subjects. But if you are sick and tired of the old approach to mental health and addiction and feel inspired to bring knowledge and understanding to others who are struggling, then join us on this incredible new journey; bringing the old ways mental health and addictions are approached into the 21st century. We, at WOVEN, intend to be champions of change in legislation, both at local and national levels. To re-educate, and to tear down the myths surrounding mental health and addiction.