Our Battle Cry

Our Battle Cry

I once stood in the shadows in silence, as I watched the years roll by. None saw the pain that I carried, nor the tears I quietly cried; for the years I lost to mental health, not knowing who to be. For the friends I lost to mental health; I’ll no more get to see.

I lived my whole life in the shadows, on the dark side of the moon. Now more and more people are joining us, and our numbers are starting to boom. As we welcome each weary traveller; giving comfort we realise, we all speak a similar language, and awareness is now on the rise.

Though we once were the wilderness voices, just the dark side of the moon to explore, we are now the masters of knowledge and will stand in the shadows no more. For far too long we have dwelt there, accepting that others knew best. But we’ve learned that our insight is valuable, and that fact; no one can contest.

For all of our lives, we’ve been labelled, defining each step of our way. But we chose to step from the darkness; to stand tall, head held high, every day. No longer will labels define us, they’re not really who we are. It’s time to embrace our uniqueness and the fact that we’ve come so far.

Though often battle weary; scars outside and within; we stand tall as MH Warriors, with a brand new fight to begin. It’s time to fight for our rightful place in our society. To educate, to live and work and claim our destiny.