Mental Health Warriors & Peer Support NETworks

One Universal System designed to connect all cells (people) and cell groups with the Mental Health Sector. Designed by the people for the people.
Time is of the essence

WOVEN is building a database of Support Groups where people with Mental Health and Addiction distress can easily access a support group in their area. The directory is not just for those who need support themselves, but also for those who know someone who is struggling and hope to gain vital information to help that person or child more effectively. Sadly, mental health distress among children is also on the rise; parents and schools need to access support and information more quickly.

We’re all in this together

This project is not in any way an attempt by WOVEN to be ‘in competition’ with anyone or any groups already operating. Quite the contrary. The directory is to give a platform to all support groups, enabling them to reach more people in need. It will also encourage smaller support groups, who currently feel a little isolated, to connect with other groups of a similar aim and perhaps form a more extensive support group through networking. The significant advantage being, not only a greater feeling of support but also of being proactive in information sharing relevant to the needs of those being supported. WOVEN aims to widen the safety net to catch more falling stars who are currently being failed and are slipping through the system. The directory will fast track people towards receiving the very best support from local groups. For the sake of all who need your help and need it now, just take a moment to enter your information which will be added to the directory.

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