Mental Health & Addiction Service Provider

One Stop Shop

If you are a Mental Health & Addiction Service Provider, we would like to add your details to our directory in order to give consumers better access to the service they need.

The purpose of the Service Provider Directory is to provide a search engine specific to Mental Health & Addiction; enabling consumers to access the service they need in their local area, and signpost users directly to the experts they need in any given field of Mental Health & Addiction Distress.

Too many people and children are falling through the net. We all agree the quicker the needs of those in distress are identified, the fewer problems there may be in their future care. We want to encourage more people to reach out to the right service providers; time is of the essence.

Plus, those who have formed a Peer Support Group will also greatly benefit by having better resources to help members of their group. If they can contact you for vital information, it can be used to support and improve the well-being of the group as a whole.

WOVEN would like you to join us in our endeavour to bring the right support to the right people in the shortest possible time.

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