Foundations of Woven Trust, Integrity and Respect

”If you build your house on sand; when storms come it will be washed away and you will have to rebuild it again and again. But if you build your house on strong foundations, it will withstand the storms of life”.

Most of us remember the childhood story of The Three Little Pigs. The moral of the story is all about building a sturdy house, so when life ”huffs and puffs, and tries to blow your house down”, it remains standing. The question for you is; have you built your life using sticks and straw? Have you put your trust in the wrong people?

Do you feel you’re always going around in circles? Do you ever feel you try your hardest to rebuild your life anew, only to find everything crashes down around you once again? Do you often ask yourself, ”Where am I going wrong?” And no matter how hard you try, you always seem to end up back to square one. Have you lost faith in people; in the system? Have people let you down; people and organisations you feel no longer have INTEGRITY? Do you feel you can’t TRUST anyone anymore? Do you feel that friends and family have all but deserted you, yet you’re doing the best you can? Do you feel like a voice in the wilderness, you call for help, but no one hears you? Do you feel disrespected, and/or have lost all respect for others? Do you feel you have so much to offer but don’t have the tools to communicate.

These are all critical issues which can be powerful factors in affecting anyone’s well being. So, if the storms of life have left you battered and broken, then TRUST, INTEGRITY, and RESPECT have to be rebuilt. WOVEN aims to show you respect as an intelligent thinker in your own right. To give you a voice and a platform where your opinions both matter and count.

WOVEN also aims to provide you with WISDOM to make the CHANGES you need in your life; enabling you to build a better future on strong foundations, in spite of mental health issues. That future will also be dependant on quality BUILDING BLOCKS, which WOVEN also strives to provide you.