About Woven

Rania and James

Having spent most of our adult lives navigating mental health, James and I always found ourselves back to square one. It felt like we were always treading water, and at times drowning; clutching at the nearest thing to keep us afloat.  Something HAD to change as we couldn’t spend the rest of our lives going around in circles.

James and I talked a great deal about this

There were three things the predominately stood out to us. Firstly, we had to take ownership of our past choices. Secondly, we couldn’t change those around us; we could only change ourselves, and thirdly, we don’t have the power to change each other. Having realised these three things; what to do next?

James and I had always been Mr & Mrs Independent throughout our lives, and we further realised this had gotten us nowhere and had been our downfall. We were part of the problem; we wanted to be part of the solution.

We began to examine which changes we needed to make

It became clear that we lacked the tools to make any changes, and for the first time in our lives we reached out to those who could help. James and I knew this would mean swallowing our pride and egos.  At first, we felt vulnerable, but quickly began to feel empowered; our failings and the hidden shame no longer had a hold on us.

We discovered a vast wealth of help and knowledge, and one by one made changes to our tried and trusted old formula, which had always failed us. Our lives and that of our family is blossoming because of those positive changes.  So much so, we strongly felt the desire to help others to make changes too.

Woven was created out of that desire; to be a platform of knowledge and resources to provide the best tools, enabling you to make your changes for the better.

Sharing the caring

You never know who this may touch. It may arrive at the right time in their lives; to help them, and their loved ones.  Feel free to share the love (and this post), on your social media platforms.

If you need help now, would like to submit a question to Mrs T, or would want to drop us a note, feel free to get in touch.  We are here to help in any way that we can.