Cornerstones of Woven | Wisdom | Courage | Change

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Mental health and well being is perhaps something we should stop looking to find a cure for, but instead learn to live with. To learn to manage our lives in spite of it, because undoubtedly we will inevitably set ourselves (and others) up to fail if we don’t.

Perhaps there is no ‘magic’ cure, and we need to give ourselves and others a break. It’s time to come out of the shadows of shame and guilt we unnecessarily inflict upon ourselves and stand tall with our heads held high. It’s time to celebrate the fact that we are survivors.

It’s time to celebrate that we have much knowledge and understanding to contribute to the world. But how can we achieve this goal? We cannot change those around us; we only have the power to change ourselves, and in doing so, we will show that we do have the POWER TO CHANGE people’s perception of mental health and addiction.

We do have the power to make changes to our own attitudes on our mental health/addiction conditions and to redefine the misconceptions people have on this traditionally taboo subject. To stop seeing ourselves as society has labelled us. To break free from the prison where we, and others, have placed ourselves.

We have the POWER to set ourselves free and to live fruitful lives beyond our diagnosis. To contribute to society in ways they cannot.

We CAN make a positive difference. We can re-educate society. We DO have a voice that needs to be heard.

To make those changes, you will need a brand new toolbox and fill it with new power tools to rebuild your life. This journey of change will not be a magic wand whereby your transformation will be instantaneous (we wish!).

But, every marathon begins with the first step. Every new language learned starts with the first word. With time, effort and patience; though you will stumble and make mistakes; if you keep persevering with the help and advice here on WOVEN, we will accompany you on your journey.

We will provide you with the WISDOM you need to know which of your old and trusted tools no longer work for you. We will help you to gain the COURAGE to make CHANGES to your old, tired ways of doing things which have failed you.

We live in the hope of enabling you to live a better, proactive life that counts for something other than, and in spite of, the condition you have. Though the condition affects you, it doesn’t have to define you.