Cornerstones of Woven | Making a difference

One morning a man decided to take a walk along the soft sandy beach of a lagoon to enjoy the quiet of the beautiful sunrise. On arrival, he noticed the strangest sight; the shoreline was littered with thousands of stranded starfish. As he stood in amazement, he noticed a small boy near the water’s edge. One by one the young boy was picking up the starfish and throwing them back into the sea. The man approached him and asked…

”Why are you bothering, there are thousands of them, what difference will it make?” As the boy picked up another starfish and threw it into the water, he replied…
”It made a difference to that one.”
WOVEN is dedicated to making a difference. We hope you will join us in making a difference too; not only in your own life but also in the lives of others.
When you leave this world
Do you want to leave Having made a living
Or do you want to leave
Having made a difference